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Quinquevalent phosphorus acids

This chapter covers scientific contributions in quinquevalent organo-phosphorus chemistry published in the literature in 2017. The review is not comprehensive but shows some of the most important achievements in the area. In this year, 412 publications have been selected in this review versus 322 in the previous year. The chapter describes compounds possessing three P–O bonds (phosphates), two P–O and one P–C bonds (phosphonates) as well as one P–O and two P–C bonds (phosphinates) in addition to the phosphoryl group PO. Heteroanalogues of phosphates, phosphinates and phosphonates containing combinations of P–X and PY bonds (X,Y=O, N, S, Se) have also been described, usually in the end of subsections. Each of the main sections has been divided in the same way, covering synthesis, reactions and biological aspects of phosphoric, phosphonic and phosphinic acids and their derivatives. As in the last two years, additional subsections devoted to miscellaneous applications, other than biological ones, have been added in all three sections devoted to phosphates, phosphonates and phosphinates. In this year, the main interest in chemistry of phosphoric and phosphonic acids and their derivatives is still at the same, high level (90% of the volume), while the interest in the area of phosphinic acids and their derivatives turned out to be much lower (10% of the volume), as in all previous years. At the same time, by volume, the chemistry of phosphonates was represented one and a half times more often than chemistry of phosphates.

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