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Potential Adverse Effects of Coffee Bioactive Amines to Human Health

Among chemical components present in coffee, biogenic amines play important roles in food safety. Concerns are associated mainly with histamine and tyramine. The first is not inherent to good quality coffee, but can be detected in defective or poor quality beans. Tyramine is inherent to coffee, especially C. canephora, which usually has higher tyramine contents compared to C. arabica. The presence of histamine in coffee is undesirable as it is hazardous to human health, especially for histamine-sensitive individuals. Putrescine and cadaverine in coffee can potentiate the toxic effects of simultaneously ingested histamine. High concentrations of tyramine in coffee could cause hypertensive crisis in individuals under treatment with classic monoaminoxidase inhibitor drugs (MAOI). Both amines along with phenylethylamine and tryptamine can also trigger headache in individuals with migraine.

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31 Jan 2019
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