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Effect of Coffee on Oral Bacteria Involved in Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease

This chapter highlights the effect of coffee extracts on oral diseases, particularly dental caries and periodontitis. Both diseases still present high prevalence worldwide and are considered biofilm-related disorders. In this context, taking into account the antimicrobial resistance in bacterial populations, natural forms of antimicrobial therapy have been overlooked in the literature, especially due to its safe use in comparison to the synthetic manufactured chemical compounds. Some aqueous extracts of coffee were reported to present antibacterial activity against microorganisms from the oral cavity and for this reason have been demonstrated to present anticariogenic effect. In a similar way, periodontopathogenic microorganisms seem to be susceptible to the antimicrobial effects of coffee, presenting a beneficial role in periodontal tissue protection and in periodontitis. This chapter will discuss how the benefits of coffee on these two oral diseases take place.

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31 Jan 2019
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