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Diagrams, Technology and New Materials: The Scientific Nature of Loris Cecchini's Artworks

After a brief introduction about the artistic career of Loris Cecchini (Milano, 1969), the text is based on the conversation with the artist about the scientific side of his work. Profound scientific and technological research plays an important role at the design and production level of Cecchini's work, especially in the choice of materials to use, and the technology adopted to assemble the various parts of the body of the sculpture. Moreover, science seems in some way to influence the very foundation of his work: diagrams and frameworks reminiscent of chemistry or biology characterize many of his sculptures, as well as the way they interact with the space containing them. Even if the artist does not consider the character of his work as purely scientific, he thinks that, in a decidedly empirical way, science enables him to explore a wider territory, bringing together natural complexity and artificial systems, subject and language. Cecchini in his answers describes places, exhibitions, reading activities and scientific theories that were very important to him, which struck a deep chord with him, influencing his work and showing his interest in the world of science in its broadest sense.

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