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Battery Storage for Grid Connected PV Applications

With the increasing share of fluctuating renewables in power grids the need for, but also the value of, electrical energy storage is identified. Particularly advanced battery systems such as lithium ion offer various opportunities: they can be designed to be highly modular and are therefore flexible in usage and they offer comparably high efficiency as well as long calendar and cycle life times. Typical examples of such grid connected stationary applications are described in this chapter. These include small residential as well as commercial battery storage for increased self-consumption and self-sufficiency. The principles of system design and the integration of the key components such as inverter and energy management are described for such applications. Furthermore, test results of market available products show the achievements but also the remaining optimization potential, which has to be addressed in future developments. In particular, in the field of commercial and industrial applications, bankability and insurability are key for mass market dissemination. Therefore critical topics such as safety, reliability as well as performance are discussed in this chapter.

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29 Mar 2019
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