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Applications of Colloidal Nanocrystals

The most recent cutting-edge applications of functionalized colloidal nanocrystals are concisely revisited, highlighting the relevance of surface chemistry for such applications. The study of the applications of nanocrystals is pervasive, from medicine to energy conversion and optoelectronics. Owing to the necessary brevity of this chapter, the discussion is restricted to applications in water remediation, nanomedicine and sensing. Nanotechnology provided new opportunities to enhance the efficiency of water remediation treatments and wastewater reuse through the development of surface-engineered nanocrystals for adsorption and/or photodegradation of pollutants. Also, recent years have witnessed the evolution of therapeutics and clinical diagnosis approaches that emerged directly from research on functionalized nanocrystals. Further, functionalized nanocrystals, owing to their intrinsic photophysical and magnetic properties, can be applied in sensing assays for the sensitive, selective, fast and reliable detection of biomarkers and other analytes. Strategies for the design and surface engineering of nanocrystals with multifunctionalities for specific applications are highlighted. Promising future directions of active research in each field are discussed.

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26 Feb 2021
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