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Chapter 8

Smart Membrane in a Microchip

In this chapter, smart membranes in microchips are developed by integration of in situ-formed and pre-fabricated smart-nanogel-containing membranes for flux control as well as sensitive detection. Based on the stimuli-responsive swelling/shrinking of smart nanogels in the membrane pores, these smart membranes in microchips can adjust their pore size to change the membrane permeability as well as the trans-membrane flux. The stimuli-induced flux change can be measured for quantitative detection of a stimuli signal, such as ethanol, as demonstrated in this chapter. Moreover, based on the smart-nanogel-based strategy for adjustment of pore size for flux control, a smart-microgel-containing capillary microchannel, used as a single smart membrane pore, is developed for ultrasensitive, highly selective and real-time on-line detection of trace Pb2+.

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16 Apr 2019
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Smart Materials Series