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Chapter 5

Using Computer Technology to Support the Teaching and Learning of Argumentation in Chemistry

The affordances of both technology and evidence-based argumentation are central to the work of the professional scientific community. However, the use of technology to promote the learning of science through argumentation is a relatively recent educational practice. This chapter provides examples of how technology can support chemistry students’ engagement in argumentation, as well as how technology can aid analysis of student argumentation by both educational researchers and chemistry instructors. We seek to offer a practical perspective by pointing to technology that chemistry instructors can access easily through a basic web search at the time of this publication. We follow this review by highlighting several contemporary projects developing practical, next-generation technology to support science argumentation. These advances have the potential to scaffold and improve the quality of the argumentation process in the chemistry classroom, while expanding the possibilities for what we can ask students to produce at the end of class.

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15 Feb 2019
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