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Miscellaneous: Other Applications

Polyurethane (PU) and its nanocomposites are the most important industrially used polymeric materials, possessing many unique combinations of properties and, hence, are employed over a wide range of applications. The last six chapters of the second part of this book have been devoted to describe six important applications of them. However, it is very difficult to collect all the applications of PU and its nanocomposites in a book, as they are used in almost all sectors of material applications. Therefore, a few more applications are highlighted in this chapter, such as in adhesives, automobiles, agriculture, construction, electrical and electronic, energy, footwear, etc. These applications are also important but difficult to accommodate in earlier chapters, so they are briefly presented herein. The chapter is partly devoted to different types of PU-based adhesives, with their merits and demerits, as well as their testing methods and applications. Finally, conclusions and future trends for this chapter are discussed.

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