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The Food Authenticity Network

The Food Authenticity Network (http://www.foodauthenticity.uk/) is a globally unique network that connects people with an interest in preventing food fraud by raising awareness of the tools available for food authenticity testing, food fraud mitigation and supply chain integrity. The network was set-up by UK government following the 2013 horsemeat incident. A key feature of the network is that it gives stakeholders direct access to a resilient network of laboratories that provide fit for purpose food authenticity testing. This is especially important, as food authenticity testing can involve the determination of a number of characteristics of foods using a wide range of analytical techniques; it is unlikely that this technical expertise in commodities and the full range of analytical techniques will be available in a single laboratory. The Network also has strong focus on knowledge transfer, with food authenticity research reports, methods and training material available. Since its inception in July 2018, the Network has grown to over 1000 registered members from 55 countries or territories and over 1460 followers of the Twitter account (http://www.twitter.com/fauthenticity). The Network has achieved a Google™ Page Rank score of number 1 for a search on the term ‘food authenticity’ and the equivalent on Twitter. In 2018, the Network was recognised as being a “leading example of an integrity network” at a Codex Alimentaris Commission meeting. The Network has transitioned into a public–private partnership from January 2019 led by LGC and the domain name http://www.foodauthenticity.global has been introduced.

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