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DNA in Food and Feed Law

History is rife with instances of great harm being caused to the physical health of consumers and economic harm to both consumers and to honest traders by the adulteration of food. Animal feeding stuffs affect the health and wellbeing of animals, reared for either non-meat food production or directly for meat production. World-wide food supply chains have created unparalleled opportunities for malfeasance by unscrupulous operators. The use of DNA techniques to combat adulteration of food and feed has progressed enormously over the past few years. The application of the various DNA methodologies takes place within a complex legal framework, partly well-established but also changing and developing. The ultimate purpose of this legal framework is to ensure safe and properly described food. This chapter aims to offer an overview of the legal context within which DNA analysis sits. It sets out the overarching UK and European Union (EU) framework law and goes on to give examples of subordinate legislation applied to specific commodity sectors where DNA analysis can play a significant role.

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16 Oct 2019
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