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Hybrid Nano-filler for Value Added Rubber Compounds for Recycling

The generation of waste and its treatment is a challenging problem nowadays. Rubber that is generally considered for recycling comes from the tyres of vehicles. After their use, the waste tyres can lead to hazardous effects to both public health and the environment due to inappropriate disposal or storage. The used rubber tyres take an extended period of time to decompose naturally, thereby increasing landfill pollution. Furthermore, the burning of rubber waste produces toxic and carcinogenic gases causing air pollution and risk to the health of living beings. Thus, fabrication of recycled product provides an alternative to avoid the above mentioned negative impacts. Nanofillers play an important role in altering the properties of recycled composite systems. The superior bonding between the nanofiller and rubber results in the improvement of functionality and enhancement of properties of the entire composite system. This chapter discusses the different recycling methods of rubber with hybrid nanofiller additions resulting in the fabrication of recycled nanocomposites which could be used as filler-extenders, ion exchangers or in road pavements.

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03 Oct 2018
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Green Chemistry Series