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Recycling of Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites

The chapter discusses the recycling of elastomeric composites and nanocomposites by adopting appropriate processing technologies and materials. Exhausted elastomeric products such as tires, oil seals, conveyor belts and so forth, are a demanding source of waste that are ecologically problematic. Recycling involves conversion of exhausted elastomeric products into materials that can be used in new products. The main emphasis has been provided on the techniques involved in recycling, preparation of new materials comprised of pure and recycled rubber along with filler, and morphological and technical analysis of the developed recycled products. Researchers employed several recycling methodologies such as grinding, reclaiming, devulcanization, retreading and so on, and blended the same with thermoset/thermoplastic polymers. Eventually fillers such as carbon black, fly ash, carbon nanotubes, nanosilica, nanoclay, layered double hydroxide, fullerenes, graphene and so forth, are reinforced with recycled elastomers in order to enhance the physico-mechanical and thermal properties.

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03 Oct 2018
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Green Chemistry Series