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Recycling of Latex Waste and Latex Products

In this chapter, the recycling of natural rubber (NR) rubber latex is discussed. The increasing consumption of NR latex products has contributed to the larger waste production. For this reason, NR latex need to be recycled to provide better waste management and to reduce the disposal cost of the waste. NR latex waste can be divided into two categories, liquid waste latex and solid waste latex. Liquid waste latex is the unused or expired latex from compounded and raw latex, while solid was usually come from rejected products or consumer used products. Thus, this chapter will provide the current research on recycling both liquid and solid latex waste. For liquid latex waste, laminated mould cleaning, outdoor cleaning, former cleaning, blending of latex waste with virgin materials and paint recycling as concrete replacements have been discussed as good ways to reuse the latex waste in new useful products. For latex products waste recycling, the two most common ways are discussed, which include the reclaimed rubber and the utilization as fillers. The propsed methods of latex waste recycling discussed in this chapter could help to manage the latex waste disposal problems.

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