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Chapter 6

Organoselenide Fluorophores for Probing Reactive Oxygen Species and Heavy Metals

Scientific interest in solution analyte chemosensing with small, well-defined molecules as a research field has increased enormously in recent years. Contributions from scientists including inorganic and organic chemists alike report on various novel and newly renovated chemical systems. These reports involve various novel π-conjugated systems that exhibit fluorescence responses based on analyte input (or the inputting of multiple analytes). In this chapter, different to recent reviews, we recount how organoselenium chemistry and solution analyte chemosensing goals became enmeshed and focus mainly on reactive oxygen species and heavy metal analytes. The mechanics of recognition involves considering the nature of the HOMO–LUMO energy levels; the sensor platform and the type of fluorophore is illustrated where possible within the context of π-conjugated systems bearing a C-Se-C motif. In some cases, other closely related motifs will be highlighted. Herein, we give a perspective to help suggest particular research areas thought to be fruitful in the future and that warrant further study.

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