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Wearable Energy Storage Based on Ionic Liquid Gels

Ionic liquid gels have properties that offer several advantages for designing the future of wearable electrochemical energy storage devices. These include wide electrochemical stability windows, increased safety due to their ultralow volatility and reduced flammability, as well as a leak-proof nature. This chapter outlines the current state of ionic liquid gel electrolytes for two types of energy storage devices (i.e. batteries and supercapacitors) that can power wearable electronics. First, an overview of ionic liquid gels with formulations conducive to wearable applications is presented. Considerations that affect gel electrochemical performance are discussed for the purpose of future materials development. Next, properties relevant to improving ionic liquid gel electrolytes for lithium-based batteries and supercapacitors are suggested. Lastly, ionic liquid gel electrolyte integration with respect to flexible energy storage device fabrication is addressed. The scaling of current ionic liquid gel-based energy storage devices into body-worn applications is also discussed with the hope of influencing the future design of wearable technology that incorporates these materials.

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22 Sep 2017
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Smart Materials Series