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Chapter 9

Graphene-based Membranes for Water Desalination Applications

Wastewater treatment and desalination using membrane technology is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to address global water shortage issues. Currently, the development of novel desalination membranes by various approaches has become the research hotspot to enhance desalination performance in terms of selectivity and permeability, as well as to minimize energy consumption and operating costs. Owing to the advances made in the field of nanomaterials sciences, tremendous efforts have been devoted to heightening membrane performance through the direct use or incorporation of nanomaterials. Owing to their exceptional structural properties and mechanical strength, carbon-based nanomaterials such as graphene and its derivatives have emerged as attractive materials for the development of membranes. This chapter provides insight into the potential and recent progress of graphene-based membranes for desalination application.

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27 Sep 2018
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