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Chapter 10

Technoeconomic Analysis of PEC Water Splitting at Various Scales

The scope of this chapter is focused on the analysis of the generation of hydrogen employing photoelectrochemical-photovoltaic (PEC-PV) tandem devices via water splitting at various hydrogen production scales. Technoeconomic analyses including process design, inventory analysis, component sizing, life-cycle analysis (LCA), and estimation of cost of produced hydrogen are addressed. Moreover, benchmarking of the PEC-PV technology vs. other hydrogen generation technologies is evaluated and discussed. Additionally, the influence of in-situ generation of excess electricity via active power management (APM) and solar concentration on the technoeconomic aspects of hydrogen generation using PEC-PV technology is analysed. Finally, suggestions and action items for the improvement of the competitive position of the PEC-PV technology will be discussed.

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12 Apr 2018
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Energy and Environment Series