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Membrane Processes for Pure Hydrogen Production from Biomass

This chapter aims to give an outlook on recent results concerning membranes for pure hydrogen separation, their combination with biomass processes for hydrogen production, and membrane reactors. Since hydrogen is emerging as a valuable chemical for fuel and chemical applications, membrane separation will play a critical role in its pure production. The description starts by considering the classical methane process and its extension to biogas, BioSNG and bioethanol, with a focus on the integration of membranes in processes that involve biomass feedstocks, e.g., gasification and aqueous phase reforming. A membrane catalytic reactor configuration is mainly treated to provide further advantages of higher conversions and yields owing to the hydrogen removal provided by the membrane. Some processes related to biofuel and wastewater are also described to evidence further applications. Finally, the possibilities of downsizing such processes and using modular micro-membrane reactors as an emerging technology for hydrogen production are discussed.

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17 Oct 2017
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