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Innovative Dispersion Strategies for Creating Structured Oil Systems

This chapter gives a brief account of three distinct dispersion strategies used for creating colloidal systems that may be applicable for decreasing the solid fats required in the formulation of lipid-based food products. The three innovative techniques discussed in this chapter include: (i) structured O/W/O double emulsions with high encapsulation of liquid oil in the inner water droplets; (ii) ‘arrested’ oil foams where the jammed structure is obtained from tightly packed crystal-coated air bubbles, and (iii) polymer-coated crystalline microcapsules, which can be used as templates to introduce hydrated sheets of hydrophilic polymers in oil medium to strengthen the structure provided by the network of crystalline fat particles. These dispersion strategies are mainly discussed in terms of the principles of use, proof-of-concept, preparation methods and preliminary results from characterization studies.

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20 Sep 2017
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