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The Impact of New Technologies on the Elucidation of Chemical Warfare Agent Toxicology

Recent developments in experimental technologies, combined with increases in computing power and multi-parameter analytical methods, are advancing understanding across the biological sciences. This chapter discusses the impact of these new technologies upon the study of chemical warfare agent (CWA) toxicology. Specifically, the work presented focuses on currently available methods of transcriptomics and proteomics, and suggests in silico methods to maximise the learning from these data rich technologies. The paucity of information for some CWAs is also discussed, where these technologies may shed more light on the CWA's toxicology and provide insight for potential therapeutic interventions. Ultimately, these technologies add to the plethora of experimental tools available to study CWAs and have the potential to add significant scientific value to the field of CWA toxicology.

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17 May 2016
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