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Chapter 7

Spectroscopy of Zeolites

Spectroscopy serves as a powerful tool to characterize zeolite-based catalyst materials in all stages of their lifecycles, from crystallization to modification and structuring to use in reactions and eventual deactivation and regeneration. Traditional characterization techniques have been employed for decades to yield a wealth of information, but they are often unable to provide spatial and temporal catalyst characterization or operate at in situ conditions that truly mimic those used in, for example, the chemical industry. This chapter provides an account of recent innovations in the characterization of zeolites and highlights several studies that overcome these knowledge gaps by pushing spectroscopic techniques to previously unfeasible length and time scales as well as operating conditions, to elucidate the true state of catalysts at work. These cutting-edge spectroscopic studies enable rational material design with the goal of ever more efficient use of limited resources.

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07 Jun 2017
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