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Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Over Zeolites

This chapter provides a review of catalytic fast pyrolysis (CFP) of woody biomass over zeolites and summarizes the current status and the achievements in the research and development of the technology based on the existing literature and the commercial/industrial attempts. It addresses the technology specific processing modes and the applied process parameters. The spotlight will be on research aiming at optimal process conditions, reactor technologies, and the end product (i.e. CFP-oil) properties. Only published work including the quantitative results (which includes pyrolysis product yields, pyrolysis products’ elemental composition, etc.) obtained from meso- and macro-level laboratory scale setups, and pilot, process development units, and (semi-)commercial process units wherein woody biomass feedstock—and in some cases also the catalyst—is fed continuously, are considered in this review. The final goal is to come up with a clear picture and technical recommendations on how to realize this technique at a commercial/industrial scale.

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07 Jul 2017
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