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Liposomes for Hyperthermia Triggered Drug Release

The use of thermosensitive liposomes (TSLs) for anticancer treatment that were first described in the seventies has gained an increasing amount of attention over the years. In recent decades, various TSL formulations have been designed and tested in many different ways, all having various advantages and disadvantages. We here give an overview on the parameters: (1) base lipids; (2) cholesterol; (3) surface modification; (4) release improvement; (5) encapsulated drugs; (6) active targeting and (7) testing procedures of this broad variety of TSLs. By these means, we aim to establish a broader understanding on how to adequately design a TSL and to test these in a reliable manner. Furthermore, we provide a critical view on the investigated aspects of TSL that were successful and unsuccessful and highlight which areas still require more follow up research.

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05 Jan 2018
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Drug Discovery