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Chapter 6

Synthesis of Fluoro-functional Conjugated Polymers by Electrochemical Methods

This chapter describes the synthesis of fluoro-functional conjugated polymers by electrochemical methods, mainly composed of the following types: (1) electropolymerization of fluoro-aromatic compounds, (2) electrochemical fluorination of conjugated polymers and (3) surface modification of conjugated polymers by electrochemical methods. Each approach was successful by utilizing the electroactivity of conjugated polymers to impart many functionalities derived from fluoro or fluoroalkyl groups to the polymers. Recent progress in the use of fluoro-functional conjugated polymers in organic devices such as electroluminescence devices and photovoltaic cells has been remarkable and the molecular design is of great importance. This chapter demonstrates that the interdisciplinary area of conjugated polymers, electrochemistry and fluorine chemistry provides useful ideas in this emerging field.

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28 Oct 2016
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Polymer Chemistry Series