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Biosensor Systems for the Monitoring of Fish Health and Freshness in Aquaculture

To improve production and management, an understanding of fish physiology and the aquaculture environment are important. The assessment of fish physiology is always difficult due to the timing of sampling, aquaculture conditions, and methodologic bias arising from repeated fish handling. Bacterial disease is another important factor that affects fish production. To keep fish healthy, pathogens that can live in the breeding environment must be detected with high sensitivity. The fast-growing aquaculture industry is an excellent field for the application of biosensors. An understanding of how key parameters are changing can help fish farmers to allow faster adjustment of the aquaculture environment. Freshness is one of the main quality attributes for fish processing, marketing, and consumption, but conventional methods for fish freshness monitoring are time consuming and complicated. This paper briefly reviews how some biosensor systems might be applied in aquaculture and their potential.

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12 Oct 2016
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