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Gold fabricated core–shell nanoparticles as innovative cancer therapeutic strategies to improve drug delivery

Nanobiotechnology has generated huge interest in cancer therapeutics and diagnostic medicine, as it has the potential to resolve the harmful side effects associated with conventional chemotherapies. Owing to the remarkable fundamental properties of biocompatible gold nanoparticles, the assembly and application of gold containing core–shell nanoparticles has shown promise in advancing the drug delivery applications in cancer therapy. The assembly of these unique smart architectured heterostructures developed from the need to create new and diverse materials that offer multiple functionalities. The application of gold containing core–shell nanoparticles has evolved into opportunities that far exceed the boundaries of laboratory animal experiments. Currently there are several FDA approved gold based nanoparticle drug delivery systems that are already utilised to improve healthcare and disease management protocols. This chapter therefore highlights the recent advances in the synthesis of various gold containing core–shell nanoparticles, drug loading and entrapment efficiencies, drug conjugation, functionalisation and surface responsive drug targeting.

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16 Aug 2017
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