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Chapter 1

Nanotoxicology: Challenges for Biologists

Nanotechnology is a rapidly developing field due to the amalgamation of different science disciplines such as physical, chemical, biological and engineering. The unique size-dependent properties of nanomaterials make them superior and indispensable in many areas of human activity. Today, more than 1800 nano-enabled consumer products are available across engineering, medicine, agriculture, food industries and biotechnology sectors. However, nanoparticles are being incorporated into commercial products at a faster rate than the development of knowledge and regulations to mitigate potential health and environmental impacts associated with their manufacture, application and disposal. At present, the methods used for assessing the toxicity of chemicals in living systems, are used to evaluate the toxicity of nanoparticles. However, several novel properties associated with nanoparticles are responsible for false results. Also the reproducibility of the data in nanotoxicity-based experiments is a big concern. Therefore, in this chapter, an attempt is made to address the different challenges in the toxicity assessment of nanoparticles.

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13 Nov 2017
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Issues in Toxicology