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Chapter 26

Uncertainties in Measurements Using LSC Quench-Curves

All radiological measurements dealing with liquid scintillation counting have at least three categories of uncertainties: (i) Experimental uncertainties, related to all laboratory sample treatment, (ii) Counting uncertainties and (iii) Calibration uncertainties, related to the application of quench curves. The calibration uncertainty associated with a specific quench curve is often neglected or under-estimated. For many users of LS measurements a quench curve is a “black box” given by the supplier of the instrument. These quench curves are the result of a curve fit which is quite difficult to reconstruct from the suppliers software. In this paper the calibration uncertainty associated with LS-counting of 3H, 14C, 89Sr and 90Sr is quantified by examining the uncertainties associated with quench curves.

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27 Jul 2015
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