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Chapter 17

A Search for Darmstadtium in Nature

Except for well-known predictions for the island of stability at Z=126 recently it was found that a similar kind of the stability region can be expected at Z=110-112. The half-life time estimation for two super-heavy nuclei of Darmstadtium (Ds, Z=110), gives the value of approximately 32 years and about 100 years for 292Ds and 293Ds, respectively. Other sources suggest even longer half-life times; for example, half-life time for 293Ds could be even as long as about 300 years5. These isotopes are yet to be observed. This paper describes the use alpha spectrometry to investigate the presence of Ds in a sample of stratospheric dust trapped in cabin filters of the two Boeing 767 airliners exploited on the north Atlantic routes between central Europe and east coast of America. After a relatively simple separation technique, alpha spectrometry was performed.

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27 Jul 2015
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