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Chapter 12

Oxalohydroxamic Acid as a Reductometric Titrant for the Determination of Oxygen to Metal Ratio in Nuclear Fuel

The oxygen to metal ratio (O/M) is an important parameter governing many properties of the uranium oxide fuels. The (O/M) also affects fuel properties such as thermal conductivity and melting point. Diffusion coefficients and vapour pressures have also been reported to change by 3 or more orders of magnitude for a minor change of 0.02 in the (O/M) near the value of 2.00. Therefore, knowledge of O/M of the mixed oxide fuel is very essential. Various O/M measurement techniques have been employed and used over the past several years with varying degree of success. The method for O/M fuel pellets at the fabrication plant should be simple, rapid and accurate. A numbers of wet chemical methods for determining oxygen to metal ratio in uranium oxide have been reported in literature. All methods require specific temperature condition, sample pretreatment steps and also sophisticated instruments.

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