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Chapter 3

Testing of a Computer Programme for Calculating the Sr-85 Yield as Well as Fallout Sr-89 and Sr-90 in a Single LSC Measurement with Detection Limits Conforming to Iso 11929

Environmental surveillance of Sr-89 and Sr-90 following an accident or incident with fission material is particularly important. Most analytical strategies require at least two measurement procedures – one to determine Sr-89 and the other to determine Sr-90 indirectly by measuring the daughter Y-90. However, the Sr-89 and Sr-90 can be determined simultaneously and independently of the state of the Sr-90/Y-90 equilibrium by liquid scintillation counting. Modern LSCs allow the recording of scintillation spectra which facilitates the setting of energy regions for optimal counting of a particular radionuclide. The yield was determined by gamma spectrometry of the tracer Sr-85 added in known activity to the sample prior to analysis. This tracer is not present in nuclear fallout. In the event of a nuclear accident, however, the pressure on gamma-spectrometric capacity may limit the capability to carry out the Sr yield determination by this method.

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27 Jul 2015
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