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High-Gravity Operation in Vortex Chambers for the Generation of High-Efficiency Fluidized Beds

This chapter deals with rotating fluidized beds in static vortex chambers. High-G operation allows operation in a range of conditions very different from those in conventional fluidized beds, e.g. achieving extremely short gas–solid contact times. High-G operation also allows intensifying interfacial transfer of mass, heat and momentum. The latter allows generating high-density fluidized beds at high gas–solid slip velocities and reducing bubbling, opening perspectives for significantly increasing the efficiency of fluidized bed devices. Intensified interfacial momentum transfer also allows fluidizing particles that cannot be properly fluidized in conventional fluidized beds, such as large Geldart D- and fine/cohesive Geldart C-type particles, opening perspectives for a variety of novel applications in the energy, food and feed and pharma industries. After an introduction to high-G fluidization, the hydrodynamic characteristics and design aspects of vortex chambers for the generation of rotating fluidized beds are discussed. Next, illustrations of (potential) applications taking advantage of the intensified interfacial mass and heat transfer and of the intensified reactions are presented. The chapter ends with extensions of the concept and an outlook.

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30 Aug 2016
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Green Chemistry Series