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Higee Technologies and Their Applications to Green Intensified Processing

Higee technologies which involve the application of high gravity fields, typically of the order of 100–1000 g, in order to intensify the fluid dynamics, mixing and heat/mass transfer in processing fluids, have long been considered promising candidates for achieving process intensification. This chapter explores the recent advancements in applying well known Higee technologies such as the spinning disc reactor (SDR) and rotating packed beds (RPB) as well as more recent versions of the latter such as the rotor–stator SDR (RSSDR) and the rotating zig-zag bed (RZB) for achieving green processing benefits. Examples of several industrially-relevant applications such as polymerisation, reactive-precipitation, catalytic and enzymatic transformations and CO2 sequestration amongst others are presented and discussed.

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30 Aug 2016
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Green Chemistry Series