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Anodic materials for electrooxidation of alcohols in alkaline media

Recent achievements in the development of platinum and platinum group metals (PGMs) electrocatalysts for oxidation of alcohols in alkaline media has been summarized and critically reviewed. The mechanistic aspects of current state-of-the-art mono-, bi- and tri-metallic Pt and Pd based alloys/compounds towards the electrooxidation of alcohols – in particular ethanol, methanol, ethylene glycol and glycerol in alkaline media were discussed in detail. The main emphasis of the present chapter was targeted fig towards elucidating the correlations between structure, chemical composition, and physicochemical properties of the catalysts and their electrochemical activities. Finally, the effect of structure–property relationships towards selectivity and tolerance towards CO poisoning in alcohol oxidation reactions were also summarized.

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14 Mar 2017
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SPR - Electrochemistry