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Asymmetric Hydrovinylation Reactions

Among the transition metal-catalyzed asymmetric carbon–carbon bond-forming processes, the asymmetric hydrovinylation reaction, which can be defined as the formal addition of ethylene across the double bond of an olefin, is one of the most efficient reactions in organic synthesis. In the field of hydrovinylation reactions, the biggest challenge is how to improve the selectivity and achieve enantioselective reactions. In this chapter, we aim to give the whole picture of the current asymmetric hydrovinylation reactions catalyzed by transition metal systems.

Print publication date: 13 Aug 2015
Copyright year: 2015
Print ISBN: 978-1-78262-102-7
PDF eISBN: 978-1-78262-196-6
ePub eISBN: 978-1-78262-654-1
From the book series:
Catalysis Series