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Electrochemical Detection of Peroxynitrite in Biological Solutions: Challenges and Perspectives

The chapter presents an overview of the successes and challenges still faced in the detection of peroxynitrite, ONOO (so-called PON), in biological media. It discusses how chemical and biochemical reactivity should be taken into account and how to ensure the selectivity of the electrochemical sensing techniques. It provides a discussion on the electrochemical analyses of this species and summarizes significant research contributions towards the development of electrochemical sensors, with particular emphasis on the importance of understanding the reactivity of PON and the potential interfering analytes in developing such sensors. A brief outlook on the future perspectives of the use of multi-electrochemical sensors or platforms for simultaneous detection of nitric oxide (NO), superoxide (O2˙) and PON is presented.

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21 Oct 2015
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Detection Science