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Chapter 7

Potential Benefits and Market Drivers for Nanotechnology Applications in the Food Sector

This chapter presents a broad overview of the likely benefits that nanotechnologies can bring to the consumer, and discusses the main drivers for the new technological innovations that are likely to revolutionise the food sector. It analyses the role of nanotechnologies in meeting the global challenges that have placed increasing demands on the agri-food sector, in terms of provision of a sustainable supply of food for the growing world population, whilst maintaining food safety and quality, and enhancing the crucial role of food in preventive healthcare. It highlights the various positive aspects of nanotechnology applications in everyday food products, which are aimed at benefiting the consumer, for example in terms of healthy, affordable, and tasteful food products. Nanotechnologies will also enable a reduction in food waste by extending the shelf life of food products, and will cater for different lifestyles and individual needs of the consumer. The chapter concludes that, to benefit from the new developments, consumers need to develop a trust in the applications, and that the new technological advancements must be aimed at addressing the needs and aspirations of the consumers, and not for the benefit of the industry alone.

Print publication date: 31 Mar 2010
Copyright year: 2010
Print ISBN: 978-0-85404-169-5
PDF eISBN: 978-1-84755-988-3