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Sugars in Honey

The honey sugar profiles are usually used to determine adulteration with sugar syrups and botanical origin of honeys. The sugar composition is variable and depends on the types of flowers used by the bees, as well as the regional and climatic conditions. Honey is one of the most complex natural mixtures and mainly consists of carbohydrates. Fructose, glucose and sucrose are the main sugars. Maltose, isomaltose, kojibiose, turanose, trehalose, nigerose, melibiose, maltulose, gentiobiose, palatinose, nigerose and laminaribiose are the major disaccharides and relatively are found in lower concentration in honey. Melesitose, isomaltotriose, theanderose, isopanose, erlose, panose, maltotriose, kestose and cellobiose are the oligopolysaccharides and are found especially in honeydew honeys. Although several analytical methods have been developed up to now, chromatographic methods are more suitable to determine quantitation of honey sugars. Many studies have shown the role of honey sugars for health benefit.

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