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Chapter 11

The Use of Non-conventional Technologies for Processing Tomato Products: High-power Ultrasound, High-pressure Homogenization, High Hydrostatic Pressure, and Pulsed Electric Fields

This chapter present the possible uses of high-power ultrasound, high-pressure homogenization, high hydrostatic pressure, and pulsed electric fields for processing tomato fruit and tomato-based products. First, the principles of each technology are presented, focusing on mechanisms and general aspects. Then, the effect of these technologies on tomato fruit and tomato-based products is described, focusing on the improvement of quality properties. Structural changes correlated with changes in physicochemical properties are detailed. Finally, limitations and possible industrial applications are discussed. All these technologies have been shown to influence enzymatic and microbial activity in tomato fruit or tomato products. Significant changes in both structure and physical properties are described. Although the technologies described in this chapter have shown promising results, it is still necessary to further explore their applications and the development of suitable equipment for their application on a larger scale.

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