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Cationic and Anionic Polymerized Ionic Liquids: Properties for Applications

This chapter contains information on the comparison of cationic and anionic polymeric ionic liquids (PILs) as functional materials for emerging applications. Data is tabulated to allow the interested reader to easily find the required information. The structures of the discussed cationic and anionic PILs are collected and reported against their performance in particular areas of application to assist in understanding the effects of structure on the properties of this class of materials. Key similarities in performance, depending on their structure and additives, are included in the studied systems together with a discussion of the research progress in each field of PIL application. Anionic PILs are much less explored than cationic PILs due to their complicated synthesis and the smaller diversity of the available polymerised anions in comparison to the wide variety of polymerised cations and relative simplicity of the synthesis of cationic PILs. Reports on research into the use of anionic PILs as electroconductive and sensing materials and gas-sorbents are found and discussed in this chapter. Their properties are comparable to those of cationic PILs with similar structures of ions, with very promising conductivity results. This chapter may become a source of inspiration for researchers aiming to design novel PILs for specific applications.

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