Issue 28, 2023

Minimal RNA self-reproduction discovered from a random pool of oligomers


The emergence of RNA self-reproduction from prebiotic components would have been crucial in developing a genetic system during the origins of life. However, all known self-reproducing RNA molecules are complex ribozymes, and how they could have arisen from abiotic materials remains unclear. Therefore, it has been proposed that the first self-reproducing RNA may have been short oligomers that assemble their components as templates. Here, we sought such minimal RNA self-reproduction in prebiotically accessible short random RNA pools that undergo spontaneous ligation and recombination. By examining enriched RNA families with common motifs, we identified a 20-nucleotide (nt) RNA variant that self-reproduces via template-directed ligation of two 10 nt oligonucleotides. The RNA oligomer contains a 2′–5′ phosphodiester bond, which typically forms during prebiotically plausible RNA synthesis. This non-canonical linkage helps prevent the formation of inactive complexes between self-complementary oligomers while decreasing the ligation efficiency. The system appears to possess an autocatalytic property consistent with exponential self-reproduction despite the limitation of forming a ternary complex of the template and two substrates, similar to the behavior of a much larger ligase ribozyme. Such a minimal, ribozyme-independent RNA self-reproduction may represent the first step in the emergence of an RNA-based genetic system from primordial components. Simultaneously, our examination of random RNA pools highlights the likelihood that complex species interactions were necessary to initiate RNA reproduction.

Graphical abstract: Minimal RNA self-reproduction discovered from a random pool of oligomers

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14 Apr 2023
18 Jun 2023
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20 Jun 2023
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Chem. Sci., 2023,14, 7656-7664

Minimal RNA self-reproduction discovered from a random pool of oligomers

R. Mizuuchi and N. Ichihashi, Chem. Sci., 2023, 14, 7656 DOI: 10.1039/D3SC01940C

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