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Amidoxime-based materials for uranium recovery and removal


Resource and environment are two eternal themes of social development. Nuclear energy, a green source with high energy density, can greatly alleviate the pressure of energy crisis in today’s society. To guarantee the long-term sufficient supply of nuclear fuel, mining seawater uranium is imperative. Meanwhile, the great threats of uranium to ecological security and human health make it urgently needed to remove uranium from environment. To achieve these ends, a large number of materials with the specific functions have been born as a result. Among them, amidoxime-based materials serve as one of the most promising candidate and main participant in uranium extraction from aqueous systems due to their special affinity to uranium. However, there is still huge room for improvement in amidoxime-based materials at economic efficiency and performance. In this paper, we provide a comprehensive review on amidoxime-based materials for uranium recovery and removal, including the synthesis strategies, characterizations and types of amidoxime-based materials, the influence factors during uranium extraction, and the binding mechanisms between amidoxime ligands and uranyl ions as well as cost drivers in applications. Meanwhile, the shortcomings of current research as well as future development directions and research hotshots were also pointed out. Based on the in-depth analysis of the literatures currently available, demand-oriented strategy to fabricate new generation of amidoxime-based adsorbents was proposed, and means to enhance the adsorbent performance were discussed from four aspects including adsorption capacity, selectivity, kinetics and regenerability. This paper aims to provide guidance for the purposeful design of novel amidoxime-based materials, and to provide advices on circumventing unfavorable factors and solving the technical problems for uranium recovery and removal.

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Article information

25 Dec 2019
20 Mar 2020
First published
20 Mar 2020

J. Mater. Chem. A, 2020, Accepted Manuscript
Article type
Review Article

Amidoxime-based materials for uranium recovery and removal

N. Tang, J. Liang, C. Niu, H. Wang, Y. Luo, W. Xing, S. Ye, C. Liang, H. Guo, J. Guo, Y. Zhang and G. Zeng, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2020, Accepted Manuscript , DOI: 10.1039/C9TA14082D

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