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How non-ferromagnetic Mn enhances magnetization of SmCo7 based alloys


The work was focused on the effects of Mn doping on the phase stability and magnetic performance of SmCo7 based alloys. Particularly, the role of Mn in the improvement of magnetization of the SmCo7 matrix, as well as its mechanisms, was examined in detail. The metastable SmCo7 single phase was well stabilized by appropriate content of Mn doping and nanostructuring of the alloy. It was discovered that the non-ferromagnetic element Mn can enhance magnetization effectively. By tailoring Mn content and nanostructuring, the prepared SmCo7-xMnx alloy achieved high comprehensive magnetic properties. The mechanisms for the magnetization enhancement by Mn and the coupled effect of Mn doping and nanostructuring on the magnetic properties were proposed based on characterization of magnetic structures and model calculations of magnetic moments.

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11 Dec 2019
31 Jan 2020
First published
03 Feb 2020

Nanoscale, 2020, Accepted Manuscript
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How non-ferromagnetic Mn enhances magnetization of SmCo7 based alloys

K. Guo, H. Lu, F. Mao, D. Liu, F. Tang, H. Wang and X. Song, Nanoscale, 2020, Accepted Manuscript , DOI: 10.1039/C9NR10483F

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