Retracted Article: Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide by Aluminium Catalyst


This review summarizes recent developments in the preparation and use of aluminium catalysts/initiators such as, monometallic aluminium and bimetallic aluminium compounds for the ring opening polymerization of lactide (L-lactide and rac-lactide). The organoaluminium catalysts/initiators have been synthesized and characterized by different spectroscopic techniques, including X-ray crystal structural studies and NMR data. Lactide polymerization has been analyzed by NMR and GPC methods. The present paper emphasizes on the polymerization kinetics and the control exhibited by the different types of aluminium initiators/catalysts. For the cases, where useful properties, such as high molecular weight, narrow PDI, or stereocontrol, have been observed, a more detailed examination of the catalysts/initiators are provided. Keywords Ring-opening polymerization, aluminium catalyst, poly(lactic acid), stereoselective, polydispersity index, living polymerization

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26 Mar 2015
11 May 2015
First published
18 May 2015

Catal. Sci. Technol., 2015

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