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Issue 35, 2006
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Transition metal containing decatungstosilicate dimer [M(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]10− (M = Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+)

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The new, monometal substituted silicotungstates [Mn(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]10− (1), [Co(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]10− (2) and [Ni(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]10− (3) have been synthesized and isolated as the potassium salts K10[Mn(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]·8.25H2O (K-1), K10[Co(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]·8.25H2O (K-2) and K10[Ni(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]·13.5H2O (K-3), which have been characterized by IR spectroscopy, single crystal X-ray diffraction, elemental analysis and cyclic voltammetry. Polyanions 1–3 are composed of two (γ-SiW10O36) units fused on one side via two W–O–W′ bridges and on the other side by an octahedrally coordinated trans-MO4(OH2)2 transition metal fragment, resulting in a structure with C2v point group symmetry. Anions 1–3 were synthesized by reaction of the dilacunary precursor [γ-SiW10O36]8− with Mn2+, Co2+ and Ni2+ ions, respectively, in 1 M KCl solution at pH 4.5. The electrochemical properties of 1–3 were studied by cyclic voltammetry and controlled potential coulometry in a pH 5 buffer medium. The waves associated with the W-centers are compared with each other and with those of the parent lacunary precursor [γ-SiW10O36]8− in the same medium. They appear to be dominated by the acid–base properties of the intermediate reduced species. A facile merging of the waves for 3 is observed while those for 1 and 2 remain split. Controlled potential coulometry of the single wave of 3 or the combined waves of 1 and 2 is accompanied by catalysis of the hydrogen evolution reaction. No redox activity was detected for the Ni2+ center in 3, whereas the Co2+ center in 2 shows a one-electron redox process. The two-electron, chemically reversible process of the Mn2+ center in 1 is accompanied by a film deposition on the electrode surface.

Graphical abstract: Transition metal containing decatungstosilicate dimer [M(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]10− (M = Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+)

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16 May 2006
03 Jul 2006
First published
02 Aug 2006

Dalton Trans., 2006, 4253-4259
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Transition metal containing decatungstosilicate dimer [M(H2O)2(γ-SiW10O35)2]10− (M = Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+)

B. S. Bassil, M. H. Dickman, M. Reicke, U. Kortz, B. Keita and L. Nadjo, Dalton Trans., 2006, 4253
DOI: 10.1039/B606911H

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