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Expression of concern: Controllable 2H-to-1T′ phase transition in few-layer MoTe2

Michaela Mühlberg
Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, UK CB4 0WF. E-mail:

Received 24th September 2019 , Accepted 24th September 2019

First published on 3rd October 2019

Expression of concern for ‘Controllable 2H-to-1T′ phase transition in few-layer MoTe2’ by Yuan Tan et al., Nanoscale, 2018, 10, 19964–19971.

The following article ‘Controllable 2H-to-1T′ phase transition in few-layer MoTe2’ by Yuan Tan,a Fang Luo,b Mengjian Zhu,*b Xiaolong Xu,c,d Yu Ye,c,d Bing Li,e Guang Wang,a Wei Luo,a Xiaoming Zheng,f Nannan Wu,a Yayun Yu,a Shiqiao Qinb and Xue-Ao Zhang*a has been published in Nanoscale. The article reports the laser irradiation-induced phase transition of few-layer MoTe2 from the 2H to 1T′ phase.

Nanoscale is publishing this expression of concern in order to alert our readers to the fact that we are presently unable to confirm the accuracy of the presented data based on the Raman spectra published in this article.

The authors are in the process of repeating the experiments as well as providing additional characterisation data to confirm the validity of the claims made in this publication. This notice will be updated when a conclusive outcome is reached.

Michaela Mühlberg

24th September 2019

Managing Editor, Nanoscale

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