Toxicology Research New Talents themed issue

Nigel J. Gooderham *
Department of Surgery and Cancer, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, South Kensington, London, SW7 2AZ, UK

Toxicology Research is now entering its fourth calendar year. We have published a diverse range of original toxicology research and a number of timely and knowledge-gap filling reviews that have brought to the attention of our readership, the current state of play along with new developments that are driving our science. Our success at attracting and publishing excellent science and authorative reviews is confirmed by the citations that Toxicology Research papers have attracted in its short career to-date and the release of the 2014 Impact Factor. That Toxicology Research's very first Impact Factor puts the journal in the top quartile of toxicology journals publishing original research, underlines the community's perception of the quality of our published work.

Toxicology Research is founded on the publishing ethos of the Royal Society of Chemistry where quality and innovation are inherent. Following in this tradition, Toxicology Research wanted to produce a themed edition that showcased the research of outstanding young investigators. This themed issue, termed New Talents, is a compilation of some of the research being conducted by promising new talent across the globe. The range of toxicological science is as diverse as the home institutions of the authors, with articles submitted from around the world. The breadth of toxicology research compiled in this single issue is testimony to the health of our science and emphasises many of the toxicology challenges and questions we face in our global society. I am particularly pleased with the way in which our new talents have brought innovative and developing science, often introduced and developed within other disciplines, to the toxicology context. Fresh eyes on old or established problems, often bring solutions to the previously unsolvable. In my opinion, the breadth of this issue and the freshness of some of the perspectives, will offer papers of interest to both the informed specialist and to those with a more peripheral interest in toxicology. In addition to the original research papers, the issue also includes a number of reviews. Again, these reviews are presented from the perspective of fresh eyes interpreting existing areas and offering alternative insights; a refreshing change to reading more traditional reviews produced by well-established experts in the field. To pull out specific papers for individual mention would be defeating the purpose of this issue, which is to showcase new approaches, new ideas, new talent. I will leave the reader to select their favourite paper and I hope you will enjoy this issue as much as I have. The future of our science is in good hands.

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Nigel Gooderham, Editor-in-Chief, Toxicology Research

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