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Happy New Year from Analyst and RSC Publishing. We take this opportunity to highlight the latest developments in the journal and RSC Publishing. 2009 was a significant year for Analyst with an increase in the number of articles published, as a result of an increase in high-quality submissions. This reflects the quality and importance of interdisciplinary research in detection science and we thank all of our authors and readers for your support and contributions to Analyst during this year.

We also thank Lisa Hall, who came to the end of her term as Chair of the Editorial Board at the end of 2009. Analyst saw considerable growth and development during her term, and her leadership and work on the journal's behalf have been central to our achievements in recent years.

Analyst's progress during Lisa's time as Chair has set the scene for further exciting developments and we are delighted to announce the opening of four new Associate Editor Offices in North America, Europe and Asia which will be accepting submissions from January 2010. Manuscripts may also be submitted to our Cambridge Office as before. Our team of Associate Editors and Editorial Office staff are committed to providing the best publication experience for all of our authors, with content reflecting the leading edge of interdisciplinary detection science.

We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce our Editorial Board. Steven Soper, Louisiana State University, who joined the Board during 2008, takes over as Associate Editor for the Americas. Xinrong Zhang, Tsinghua Univerisity, joins the Board as Associate Editor for Asia while Boris Mizaikoff, University of Ulm, takes up the position of Associate Editor for Europe. Duncan Graham, Strathclyde University, continues to have responsibility for review articles as Associate Editor, Reviews.

Steve Soper
Plate1 Steve Soper

Xinrong Zhang
Plate2 Xinrong Zhang

Boris Mizaikoff
Plate3 Boris Mizaikoff

Duncan Graham
Plate4 Duncan Graham

They are complemented by a high-calibre team of Graham Cooks, Purdue University, Justin Gooding, UNSW and Pavel Matousek, Rutherford Appleton Lab. Watch out for announcements of further high-profile additions to our team – coming soon! To submit your article to Analyst, visit our website

New integrated content delivery platform

RSC Publishing is proud to announce the launch of our powerful new content delivery platform that supports multiple content types. Powered by the industry's leading MarkLogic Server, and benefiting from the interactive browsing functionality offered by RSC's enhanced html mark-up technology, the platform delivers exceptionally fast and precise results. Users can now search 165 years of world-class RSC-hosted content including 20,000 book chapters, 300,000 journal articles and 450,000 database records from a single, simple search. Designed around readers' preferences (identified from a detailed and ongoing user-interview process), our user-friendly platform offers faster browsing, intelligent searching, consistent user experience irrespective of content type sought, and simpler more intuitive navigation. We'll be releasing even more exciting functionality later in the year. Please tell us what you think at E-mail:


Last year RSC acquired ChemSpider, the richest single source of structure-based chemistry information freely available online, with fast searching of over 21.5 million chemical structures. Alongside the powerful database, the ChemSpider development team brings well over 40 years of additional cheminformatics experience to the RSC, including a chemistry-centric document mark-up system capable of finding chemical names and converting to chemical structures and linking to online resources. Integration of this technology with RSC's existing award-winning enhanced html mark-up technology, RSC Prospect, will lead to substantial enhancements in semantic enrichment for the chemical sciences. Find out more at

Continued e-alert success in 2010

2009 saw the launch of the new RSC journal e-alerts; in 2010 we are hoping to see a continued rise in their popularity. The e-alerts are packed with information and links enabling readers to easily view content as soon as it is published, helping them to stay abreast of journal content. The new e-alert registration system has been designed so readers can manage their own e-alert subscriptions, tailoring the information they receive and giving them the freedom to unsubscribe at any point. You can find out more information online:

New for 2010: the RSC eBook Subject Collections

In response to readers' needs and testament to the innovation of RSC Publishing, we are pleased to announce the launch of new RSC eBook Subject Collections.

The 9 new RSC eBook Subject Collections, including a Tutorial Chemistry Texts and Paperbacks package, deliver the high-quality content contained in our books into subject specialist packages. With new content being uploaded throughout the year, the new RSC eBook Subject Collections are set to become another key, premier resource. To find out more, please visit

High-impact publishing

Publication of the 2008 impact factors, calculated by ISI, once again brought good news for authors and readers of RSC journals. We were delighted to see Analyst's impact factor increase further this year to its highest ever value of 3.76, continuing its impressive rise of recent years.
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RSC journals achieved an impressive average impact factor increase of 8.2%. Overall, the average impact factor for the RSC portfolio now stands at 4.7, equal to that of the ACS collection.

ugraphic, filename = b924391g-u2.gif

RSC journals feature in the top 10 rankings (by impact factor and immediacy index) in 6 of the 7 core chemistry categories as listed on ISI, and of the top 100 chemistry journals, ranked by impact factor, 15 are from RSC Publishing.

Chemical Science

This new flagship journal will launch in mid-2010, and will publish findings of exceptional significance from across all the chemical sciences. Editor-in-Chief Professor David MacMillan of Princeton leads a dynamic international team of Associate Editors responsible for the scientific development of the journal. Free institutional online access to the entire 2010 and 2011 content of Chemical Science will be automatically provided to all existing customers.

Keep in touch with the latest news at

…on a related note

RSC is pleased to announce a significant new global symposia series supporting the launch of Chemical Science. The International Symposia on Advancing the Chemical Sciences (ISACS) meetings will be held on three continents, over three sequential weeks, focusing on distinct subject areas. More information can be found at:

New journal enhances RSC Publishing's analytical publication portfolio

September 2009 saw the publication of the first Analytical Methods issue – the new journal highlighting the development of innovative techniques and applications in analytical science addressing key issues of societal concern. The journal appeals to readers across academia and industry with an interest in the advancement of measurement science and those interested in the breadth of application of analytical methodologies. For more information visit:

Free access available for all new RSC journals

Free institutional online access is available for all our newest journals. Access, which is managed by institution and IP address, is provided following a simple registration process. Make sure you and your colleagues don't miss out on the free access by filling in the registration form:

And finally…

On behalf of the Editorial Board and RSC Publishing we thank you for your continued support of Analyst and we wish you a happy and prosperous 2010! Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, please contact us at E-mail:
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Paul Bohn, Chair, Editorial Board

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Niamh O'Connor, Editor

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May Copsey, Deputy Editor

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