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Dendrimers in Biomedical Applications Editors: Barbara Klajnert, Ling Peng, Valentin Cena

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This book contains 216 pages.

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14 Jun 2013
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About this book

Dendrimers are important molecules that are currently undergoing investigation for use in a variety of different biomedical applications. This book explores the use of dendrimers for a variety of potential functions, including antiamyloidogenic agents, drug delivery systems, nucleic acid and RNA delivery vectors and to produce hybrid fibre platforms for nantechnology. Following the work of COST action TD0802, the main objective of which is to improve existing therapies and find new drugs based on dendrimers, the book will provide comprehensive coverage of dendrimer applications. Coverage includes modelling and molecular dynamic studies of dendrimers and dendrons, anionic dendrimer polymers, cationic carbosilane dendrimers and self-assembled multivalent dendrimers. Providing clear indications for future research and applications, this text will appeal to chemists, biologists and materials scientists, working in both academia and industry.